The area

The Balagne is an enclave of fertile hill on the northwest of the island. It offers over 40 km of pleasant seaside resorts shore (Ile Rousse, San Ambroggio, Marine Davia, Algajola, Calvi)

On the hills you'll see beautiful villages with narrow streets and typical houses as Sant'Antonino, Speloncato, Pigna, Lumio, Aregno, Belgodère and well more. Through these villages it is also an opportunity to meet beautiful Baroque churches like those of Lumio and Corbara.

Once called the "garden of Corsica", the Balagne still bears its name well. Indeed, this beautiful area is full of fig trees, olive groves, orchards and palm trees that testify to the mild climate.

The creativity expressed their land, balanins (locals) exercise it through their hand on the finest materials they transform into shared objects, to perpetuate ancestral skills. Thus each village grows its materials in live workshops.

The road of Artisans will discover some of the most beautiful villages Corsica or exercise potters, cutlers, luthier, grower, beekeeper, wineries ...

Traditional Lands of shepherds, Balagne still present today, many Genoese bridges that facilitated transhumance with the center of the island.

And for everyone there are wild and cut funds that offer unforgettable diving or swimming in the clear waters.